Design and production of New Media

Andreas Veglis – associate professor
Tel 2310992092
skype: veglis_a

Course description
The course examines the design and the production of new media. The course focuses on media that are based on the internet. Such new media are websites, flash animations, RSS feeds, blogs, and social networking tools. The course includes, besides the theoretical part, extensive laboratory practice.

Evaluation of student learning:
35% Unit assignments
35% In-class exercises
30% Final assignment

Course outline in Detail
Unit 1
Introduction to Internet – basic technologies employed – Services – Web 1.0  2.0  3.0
HTML, programming languages

Unit 2
HTML – Tags – basic syntax – Working with notepad – creating first page in HTML
Using Kompozer

Unit 3
Using Expression Web

Unit 4
Content Management Systems – introduction – My web page starter kit

Unit 5
RSS feeds, Blogs, Wikis

Unit 6
Data visualizations and mashups

Unit 7
Flash animation – basic functions – Building simple animations – Exporting and incorporating in web pages.

Learning resources
Learning Management System available at